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The home page describes the general outline of the end goal for this 40 acres, this is what I would like to eventually achieve! The input and ideas of those who join us will also be welcomed and considered.


 This property is a 45 minute drive from Launceston city past Ben Lomond ski fields over the mountain via tar and gravel roads in a very pure clean environment on the edge of the wilderness in Tasmania in Upper Esk 7214. In the other direction are the towns of Fingal and St Marys with shops, bakery,  post offices, pub, skate park, golf course, tennis courts, churches, op shop, service stations mechanical workshops, etc etc St Marys has a monthly markets. A large markets are held every weekend in Evandale.

This property is at the end of the road which is gravel so no traffic. It is the 1st property on the South Esk River with NO EMF’s for miles so no mobile/cell phone reception. There is a land line telephone in the big house and a satellite dish on each house for internet use with fixed blue ethernet cable. Right now there are two houses and a few sheds which were already here when we purchased it, a couple of cherry trees and 3 black walnut trees, mountain spring water, a creek, the big river and all my animals surrounded by bush with only one neighbor who are all organic also. My children and i live in the little house (The Cabin) and there is also a big house of 215 square meters the layout and photos of this house are on the photos page, this house is for sharing whilst you build your own cottage. You are also welcome to bring your own accommodations.  I will be building a round cob (mud pie) and stone cottage for myself and family in the near future freeing up the cabin for someone else to use for their start.

Are you dedicated to living a healthy harmonious active chemical free life and enjoy sharing with others?  if YES  I am inviting YOU to join us in this great venture.
We are in the process of gathering funding for the project now. This can be via buying a 1000 square meter zone for $150,000AUD to build your own home within this zone with use of common areas OR via investing funds not living on the property having produce sent to you where you live, OR you may camp on the property for free and work for free in exchange for food grown on the property, OR you may present an offer of your choosing that will be considered.  Purchased 1000m’2 private zones will be your own space with a certificate of ownership showing GPS coordinates of the boundaries for a lifetime use of that zone which can be inherited by your children. The whole property will be held in a private trust for the community to continue after my personal life passing.

What I would like to achieve in the near future is as follows:
The front end of the business will be 3 restaurants ALL paddock to plate / farm to table with the property producing all the
produce.  All separate kitchens so no issues with cross contamination! Built in a great oval with the Kitchens around one end and
the entertainment stage at the other end. Bars in the front of each Kitchen, and toilets behind each kitchen. Each kitchen will have its own dinning area with a waiters station in front. A clear side wall for public view down the side of the Kitchens going to the toilets. Staff toilets and emergency showers will be at the back also with internal kitchen access.

1; A steakhouse all types of meats
The Steak house will be built of stone to help reduce smell absorption. With a meal zone in front. The Kitchen will be fully sealed with all air extraction going through micro particle air filters to reduce cooking meat smells for the more sensitive guests. The farm will breed many types of different animals for the table including many water fowls as the property has an abundance of water for breeding ponds to be
established. Fish, Eels and yabbies will be combined within the aquaponics systems that grow vegetable and salad greens.

2; Vegetarian
The Vegetarian Restaurant will be built out of wood. With a Vegetarian meal zone dinning area in the front of this section.

3; Vegan
The Vegan Restaurant will be built out of rammed earth. With a Vegan meal zone dinning area in the front of this section.

Separate and combination dinning areas so everyone can enjoy their chosen culinary delights either in their chosen meal zone OR in
the mixed dining area in the center of the restaurant complex.

Adjoining the mixed dinning area there will be a large wooden dance floor and entertainment stage that can be opened right up in summer. For winter there will be stone fire places and under floor heating via the fire places thermostat controlled.

Costs will be kept low by not going into the corporations costly contracts, EG: public liability insurance, commercial kitchen licensing, council inspections, dangerous chemical usage etc etc.

It will be all run upon privately owned land so will therefor be protected under the Australian Constitution as held within FEE SIMPLE. System officials will not be able to enter the property to trespass or give mainstream orders.

Patrons will be required to sign a disclosure of wavered liability. This means they will acknowledge that
they are entering private land and that no commercial standardization’s or licensing will apply. This means that standard chemical usage and government mandates will not apply. So patrons enter and dine at their own risk, as all food will be truly man made/synthetic chemical free.  All cleaning products will be natural and organic also.

This is how horse riding and sports clubs were able to continue to operate when all the new public liability insurance came out which closed down so many businesses catering to public activities.

 ALL new buildings will be constructed using all natural materials off the property! eg:
*Cob,(Mud pies with a bit of straw to help bind the mud pie construction)
*Rammed earth, (sub soil is compacted by a great force into a solid wall mold which is later removed)
*Stone and rocks, (Walls can be built by dry stone walling or being held together with natural mortar.)
*Hemp creet (which is made with hemp, lime and water, this is extremely strong and can be made thin)
wood / timber  (I know a local guy with a saw mill)
Built with the natural increments ( Krystal series => 0,1,1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,) so that even the buildings have healing benefits!
All produce will be organic and grown without the use of man-made/synthetic chemicals so as to be fully nutritious with advanced techniques used for water and soils to gain maximum bio available nutrients in the FOOD! Nutrient testing will be done.

A healing village with separate zones for all stages of detoxification and parasite elimination buildings being at the front of the property,  immune system rebuilding in the next stage buildings, and full body/spirit reconditioning in last stage buildings closer to the river!

The main aim of the property will be a healthy edible food forest of great diversity, including medicinal herbs, edible flowers, Australian native bush foods etc beautifully incorporating healthy round housing utilizing the natural resources on the property. As described above^
For optimal plant growth the use of many things from ancient knowledge such as stone towers for attracting natural earth magnetic’s, magnetized micro sizing water molecules, structured water,  balanced minerals, living composts etc will be used and incorporated into the whole food growing design! It will be run using Organic Bio dynamic principles in a permaculture style with self supporting and sustaining systems within the
whole. For example:
* wind breaks for protection
* Contours for optimal water use
* Companion planting and stocking
* Mixed use areas

*seasonal rotation of plants and animals


Drinking Water that comes from the mountain spring will be specially optimized to be harmonized, ph balanced, and molecular structured for instant uptake, benefiting all plants, animals and people.
Soil will have organic composts and minerals added to re nourish and balance it ensuring Healthy bio available nutrient rich produce!
Many trees will be planted all with a variety of uses for food, medicinal, building materials, habitat, EG the miracle tree!(Moringa
Hemp growing for oil, cloth, feed, and building, eg: hemp create which is strong versatile and natural!
Hemp processing and manufacturing plants on site to produce end user organic products!
Large netted areas for a huge variety of berries and fruits. EG Blueberries and giant cherries! The area is well known for its stone
fruit production like Apricots which is a versatile crop who’s kernels are cancer killing.
Large freeze drying equipment for preserving bulk crops with high nutrition quality!
Freeze drying also makes produce light weight for shipping cost effectiveness.
I would like to make nutritious muesli bars with nuts, seeds and freeze dried fruits. Also whole meals for hiking/camping just add
water 💦
The construction of deep lakes for fish growing and other aquatic species and greens for animals and people.
In ground hot houses for sub tropical food plants naturally heated through winter via geo thermal hydronics.
Animal power will be utilized instead of petro chemical machines. EG: pigs for garden tractors, chickens for tilling,  ponies and hoses for moving loads.
Any machinery and vehicles that may come in the future will be run on bio diesel made from organic oils. This way the property will be truly as man made chemicals free as possible!
A place to become Healthy on multiple levels and a place of learning so that people can put their new found health knowledge
into practical action in their own lives. By doing this they help teach others about true health knowledge also.
A natural haven for healthy food and living in harmony with nature❣️
Lady Sunshine 💜🌞